Life, Leadership and Business Coaching for Impactful Leaders

It is a true joy for me to create together a sacred space of trust, commitment and vision with you, to create and experience your GREATEST Life.


Coaching Agreement


One on One safe and intimate co-created space for high impact committed leaders for up to 12 months.

6 months 36 hours- 90 mins sessions  $  5,500

12 months 72 hours-90 mins sessions $ 9,000

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Client Testimonial

Unanticipated revelations and Healing...

Over the past 25 years I’ve engaged several recommended executive and life coaches to guide me in my professional and personal pursuits. It’s likely, in retrospect, I could have uncovered the same answers and direction if I had had the time to read a book on discovering your purpose. Gaby uses her unique combination of expertise, intuition and wisdom with clients. As a result, conversations with her produce unanticipated revelations and healing. There’s something very powerful that takes place working with Gaby. She uses her training and a methodology to inspire clients to unwind and rewind, which ultimately leads to a new found recognition and understanding of oneself, and all that is possible.

Jennifer Karras~Chicago, USA



Client Testimonial

Harnessing my True Nature...

I had been praying for a spiritual coach who understood my yearning to have a true soul centered impact on the world.  I have worked for social justice my entire life but never really understood until working with Gaby the imperative of caring for myself as the first and most important step in the work I do in public health. I have had a significant impact for others over the last year, and I can say without hesitation that my work with Gaby was a critical part of harnessing my true nature and the humble, loving care I have shared with my community. 

Deb Borne~San Francisco, USA.

Client Testimonial

An inward journey of investigation and Self Discovery...

I love Gaby’s open and compassionate heart…as well as her infectious laugh!

Gaby is the most objective observer, and has an amazing ability to hold space, while you venture on an inward journey of investigation and self discovery.

It’s wonderful knowing that through her choosing her life path, Gaby becomes so instrumental in our healing paths. Thank you for all your light and love, Gaby, from my heart to yours.

Chrissy Harvey ~ South Africa.

Women Who Lead

Jack Canfield wrote a review on the front cover.

I shared my journey of radical Self Forgiveness from my Indigenous Native American perspective.

For creating an impactful, prosperous and joyful life! 

Grab a copy of the book <<here>>

About me

"I Am The Greatest Indigenous Coach On The Planet - Create and lead your life from Your GREATNESS"


Gaby is a Life, Leadership and Business Coach.

She is two times a #1 International Bestselling Author of the books Woman Who Lead and I AM POWERFUL.

She has helped over 8, 000 people transforming their lives for over 20 years.

Gaby was featured in the Business Innovators Magazine, Spotlight Magazine,

 NBS, CBS, FOX and The TED platforms.

She has been interviewed on multiple high profile podcasts sharing 

her signature message on, States of The Natural Mind, ways of Being and Ultimate Spirituality.

She especially loves helping Impactful Leaders re-ignite them 

into their own sense of true power for the creation of an impactful, prosperous and joyful Life.

It is her greatest joy to see Powerful Leaders expand their states of being 

to create their GREATEST lives for themselves, their families and the Planet.

Gaby loves reading, writing and being in nature.


AYNI Sponsorship

Empowerment  Creativity Leadership  Innovation for Peruvian Indigenous Girls.

We created "AYNI Sponsorship" which serves and empowers the indigenous children of the Andes of Peru through IB - International Baccalaureate - Education at "Andino Cusco International School" and with emotional and spiritual support.

  • Annual commitment agreement per student: For annual tuition, emotional and spiritual support $ 3 333.

Learn more about Andino Cusco International School <<here>>

The Greatest Indigenous Coach On The Planet Podcast

Ultimate Spirituality for Impactful Leaders.


Listen to my podcast <<here>>

A Book of Being, entitled 
"The Ultimate Coach"

A book written for me and about me.

A book written for you and about you.

Read and experience the book following the simple instructions of first reading the back cover of the book, then the two front pages that reads "before you begin" and enjoy the deep dive into your magnificent BEINGNESS!.

Grab a copy of the book <<here>>





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